Thank you for your input regarding what Houston Ship Repair could do to improve upon our safety efforts. Although the time you spent here was brief, we gained a greater amount of information and guidance during your visit than from any other safety assessment that we have ever experienced. All of us at Houston Ship Repair look forward to another visit by RiskWise so that we can continue to learn to work safer and with more efficiency.

L.W. Eitelbach
Vice President Repair Operations
Houston Ship Repair

After we had utilized the safety services of RiskWise we dropped our membership in the National Roofing Association program as we realized the RiskWise products and services were more comprehensive, yet simpler to implement.

Greg Fisher, Jr.
Vice President
Fisher Roofing Contractors

With the hardening insurance markets we wanted to maximize our safety and loss control programs in order to maintain our insurability. The services provided by RiskWise have helped us reach our goal. At our last insurance renewal we were quoted by a carrier that had declined to quote us in the past and we attribute that, in part to RiskWise.

James Taylor
Safety Coordinator
W.E. McDonald and Son Road Builders

We appreciate your help and assistance it is of tremendous value to us.

Best Regards,

Awesome Spreadsheet. Thank you.


Everyone was very impressed by the presentation last safety meeting and would like you to be present again this safety meeting.

You got it!!!! They were very impressed and want to move forward, so you can take it from here.