Consulting Services

We have a national network of safety consultants so you location is in our service area. We have available many written programs, employee manuals, safety meetings, power points, posters and offer onsite and/or telephonic consulting to asses you needs. We seek to provide a comprehensive approach to risk management from Screening and Hiring, to loss control to claims intervention to reduce case cost. If you are curious then it is time to get serious- contact us.

On-site Consulting

Riskwise can provide on site safety consulting to diagnose workplace safety process weaknesses.

Telephonic Consulting

In lieu of being onsite we can provide telephonic safety consulting services to address a broad range of issues from screening and hiring, to OSHA and injury management.

Experience Modification Factors

We can review, validate and project your Experience Modification Factor to determine if it is accurate and advise you of discrepancies

Inury Management

ClaimWise is a division of RiskWise that intervenes in open lost time claims to move them to ward closure. We work with adjusters to determine the exact issues to be addressed to get the claim closed and provide a report to you that explains the action plan.

Insurance Negotiation

We have strategic alignment with an insurance agency and can quote your commercial property and casualty insurance.

Crane Inspection

We have a strategic alignment with a crane inspection company and can provide OSHA required annual third party inspections of your cranes.

Forklift Operator Certification

We can provide Forklift Operator Certification on site. Or we can make your in-house person a Forklift Operator trainer by providing the needed education and all materials.