Screening & Hiring Process

A recent study* reported the following benefits of pre-employment screening:

  • Improved Quality of Personnel 70%
  • Reduced Turnover 56%
  • Increase productivity 26%
  • Improved safety performance 19%

*Human Capital magazine

Screening and Hiring Process Checklist

Information Gathering:

  • Application for employment completed
  • JobDescription signed
  • Ineed a Job Description sample.
  • FairCredit Reporting Act signed
  • Credit Report consent signed
  • Authorization to Release Information
  • DrugTest Consent Form
  • PartTime Acknowledgement, if applicable
  • Medical Authorization Form Signed
  • DrugTest Policy Form signed
  • Motor Vehicle Record Check Form signed
  • Social Security number obtained

Background Check Process:

  • Previous Employment Verified
  • Previous Education/Credentials Verified
  • Social Security # verified
  • References Checked
  • Criminal history checked

Interview Process:

  • What questions cannot be asked?
  • Interview conducted and documented
  • Conditional Job Offer made
  • After conditional offer send for Physical and Drug Test

Employment Process:

  • Employee Information Sheet
  • Postoffer Medical Health Questionnaire completed and reviewed (LA only)
  • WorkersComp History ordered and reviewed against MHQ (LA Only)
  • NewWorker Orientation conducted
  • Benefits forms completed
  • W-4forms completed
  • State Tax forms completed
  • Federal I-9 form completed
  • Offer characteristics form
  • Safety Orientation completed

Company absentee Policy Signed

  • Injury Management Protocol signed
  • General Safety Rules signed
  • Applicantvoluntary questionnaire presented
  • Employee handbook presented