Safety Videos

It is known that many workers understand safety education by seeing the proper risk control technique better than by hearing it from another person. As we seek to have ‘Workers Implement Safety Education (WISE) it is important for such information to be delivered in a complete, cost effective and behavior changing format. Safety Videos provided online or hard copy to your site represent a simple delivery technique to communicate appropriate safety expectations and risk control techniques.

Safety Videos

Safety – Everyone’s ResponsibilityVHS45 minutes
Fatal Shipyard AccidentsVHS16 minutes
Fatal Shipyard AccidentsDVD45 minutes

Driver Safety

Big Truck - Safe Driving EducationVHS
Big Truck - FatigueVHS5 minutes
Big Truck - IntersectionsVHS5 minutes
Big Truck - Roll Over PreventionVHS7 minutes

DOT Videos

DOT Big Truck Driver QualificationsVHS
DOT Big Truck Drug & Alcohol RequirementsVHS
DOT Big Truck Hours of ServiceVHS
DOT Big Truck Setting the Stage for ComplianceVHS
DOT Big Truck Safety Fitness Rating ProcessVHS
DOT Big Truck Vehicle Maintenance and AccidentsVHS
Hazmat Training for EmployeesDVD
Hazmat Drivers: Safe TransportDVD

Fire Safety

Fire PreventionDVD12 minutes
Fire Protection Systems ? water basedVHS11 minutes
Building and Fire Research Lab and TechnologyVHS
Fire Safety At Your Worship CenterVHS13 minutes
Fire Prevention & SafetyVHS12 minutes
Fire Equip: Service Testing of Rack & Reel Fire HoseVHS12 minutes
Fire Equip: Fire Hose Station VideoVHS12 minutes

Miscellaneous Videos

Backhoe SafetyVHS5 minutes
Crane Operation and Safe PracticesDVD110 minutes
Flagger SafetyVHS
Gory Injury PicturesVHS8 minutes
Hazardous Materials, etc.VHS75 minutes
Hazard Communication: The Road to SafetyDVD
Reasonable Suspicion TestingDVD20 minutes
Return to WorkVHS
Safety Culture - The TrialVHS7:42 minutes
Scaffolding Safety and TrainingVHS18:25
Supervisors Legal Responsibility for SafetyVHS7 minutes
TB Defense - RespiratorsDVD48 minutes
TB Defense - Health Care GuideDVDIncl with above
Trenching & Shoring SafetyVHS6:14
Violence On The JobDVD27 minutes
Welding SafetyDVD17 minutes
Welding SafetyVHS5 minutes
Working with StressVHS