Fleet Safety

Fleet Safety

Motor Vehicles Accidents (MVA’s) are the #1 cause or workplace fatalities. That’s right- not falls, not trench cave- in’s or electrocutions kill more workers that MVA’s. Up to 3 a day on average. There is currently no OSHA Standard on automobile safety or safe driver requirements. But there is a common body of best practices called Defensive Decision Driving that communicates the expectations of the employees with regard to required driver safety performance. We can provide a written Fleet Safety Manual to assist with driver selection.

We can provide a DOT compliance manual if you have trucks that weight over 10,000 pounds.

“How is my Driving” 800# stickers

RiskWise offers bold colored, large bumper stickers that ask the motoring public- “How is My Driving”? Statistics show a 22 % reduction ion driver accidents after an employer has implemented this product for one year. The fact of the control technique is that the motoring public provides a new layer of supervision that ordinarily would not exist with out the stickers. If this product is used any calls flow to our 24/7/365 call in center where several questions are asked. Then we send you an e-mail with the details driving event. The cost is $14 per sticker per year.

Driver Safety Meetings

RiskWise has over 55 Driver Safety Meetings that can be used to communicate the expectations of employers with regards to driver behavior. All meetings have a ‘STOP’ header which is an acronym for “Safe Transportation of People”. These safety meetings are short in text and therefore delivery duration as the content provides the salient points of driver safety. For big trucks our line of driver safety meetings is called ‘TRIP’ Truckers Risk Improvement Process’ of course this line of meetings focuses on the issues that are relevant to big truck driver safety.

DOT Compliance

We have the expertise and products to assist you with DOT compliance. The overall mission of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act (FMCSA) is to make the public highways safer for the motoring public. The actual outcome of any safety activity is to reduce risk to an acceptable level. DOT compliance encompasses 5 major areas for compliance: Driver Qualification File, Hours OF Service, Substance Abuse Testing, Maintenance of Trucks and an Accident Register. We can provide the technical guidance and products to make DOT compliance simple.

In addition we offer an online Question and Answer product called TRIP Map. This online Q & A products has 84 questions that if of interest to you