Written Safety Programs

RiskWise can provide a comprehensive and complaint written safety program that is customized to your organization.

RiskWise has available the following articles available to inform readers on risk management topics. The information can also be used as educational material in company newsletters, Association publications or as safety meetings. Also, special request for articles are welcomes and accepted because if you need to know about it we want to help you learn about it.

OSHA – Safety Related Articles

  • Understanding OSHA
  • The General Duty Clause of OSHA
  • Multi- Employer Worksites: OSHA citations
  • The OSHA 300 Log – An Overview
  • Top OSHA Citations
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • The Ripple Affect of Safety
  • The Hierarchy of Safety Controls
  • Stages of Safety Management
  • Indirect Cost of Injuries
  • Just A Normal Day (16 workplace fatalities a day)
  • The Performance of Persistence
  • Accident Investigations
  • Material Safety Data Sheets – the backbone of HazCom.

Risk Management Topics

  • The ARRT of Risk Management
  • The Three Types of Hazards
  • Underwriting Your Account
  • Does Paying Small Claims Improve the Mod?
  • Experience Modification Factors
  • Insurance Basics
  • Types of Risk Transfer Products
  • Theories of Accident Causation
  • Cost/Benefit of Loss Control
  • Retrospective Rating Programs: An Overview
  • Auto Tort Reform- A Time for Change
  • Premium Audits- What you should know
  • Toxic Mold: Identification and Controls
  • The Standardization of Loss Runs
  • USL&H Benefits- An Overview
  • Claims Handling: Best Practice For Late Reported/Problem Cases

Labor Law

  • Screening and Hiring: An Employers’ First Line of Defense
  • The ADA and Workplace Safety