Hazard Checklist

Physical conditions account for 20% of accidents. Physical conditions are also called physical hazards and can be identified by using a methodical checklist to search the worksite for hazards that may contribute to injury/loss.

Safety Meetings

We can provide for you the safety meetings to communicate to the workforce the proper prevention technique to reduce risk of loss. We have over 250 safety meetings.

Safety Articles

We can provide you with over 30 different safety articles on topics relating to OSHA, risk management and labor laws.


RiskWise has over 120 safety posters that can be purchased and delivered to you so that you can assure that your workplace is safety conscious at all times.

Power Points

RiskWise provides Power Points to help with safety training and education.


The WebWise online training platform offers all of the safety education and resources our clients need through videos, posters and online courses.

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Spanish Products

Many of our RiskWise products are also available in Spanish.

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RiskWise is dedicated to helping you reduce your risk.

Thanks for the assist and thanks for your teams great work this year. If we can stay focused this type of activity will be unnecessary!

David Bourdon
General Manager, Aerial Access Equipment

I want you to know that of all the outside vendors we use, I would rate your company the best.

Paul Metzler
Owner, Lemoine Marine Refrigeration

Chris Conti and his staff at Risk Wise have done a miraculous job for us. No one could keep step with our needs but for Chris and his folks. I personally can’t say enough about Chris and the relationship we have. Ya’ll knocked it out of the park. Because of your efforts we are in Exxon Beaumont today doing work. I can’t thank ya’ll enough. The level of professionalism in unsurpassed. The way ya’ll have taken care of us was fantastic.

Mike Beuche
Manager, Southern Tire Mart
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