Whittney Soileau

Assistant Manager/ Claims Coordinator

Office: 225-313-4448

[email protected]

Whittney has been with RiskWise since 2014. As our Claims Coordinator, Whittney oversees and assists with all activities related to open claims for our clients. 


Meet Whittney!

“I’ve worked at RiskWise for 8 years.”

“Assistant Manager / Claims Coordinator is my title but I am pretty much Chris’s assistant. So I do a little bit of everything. Lol.”

“The fact that I have had so much opportunity to grow within the company. I started as the receptionist then moved to database management and now claims management. I have been able to and continue to learn so many different things.”

“When I am not at work my time is spent with my daughter and my fiancé.”

“Chapstick, it’s an obsession really. Lol.”