Industries We Serve

Road Builders

The use of heavy equipment presents severe loss exposures to bridge builders. OSHA will be releasing a new crane and derricks stand in July 2010 that will require operators to have certain skills. Other hazards employees face are: heats stress, PPE, falls from heights, concrete operations, rigging of steel and power tools.


From zoning to emergency services and government office to libraries the scope of exposures for municipalities is vast and burdensome to navigate.  As the global landscape changes, so do the challenges. We work with our municipality clients to  implement training programs, stay ahead of technology and strategize loss control prevention and mitigation plans. 


Construction companies present a unique loss exposure due to the dynamic of the worksite. Whether you are a Subcontractor or a General Contractor, we have the programs and support materials to promptly activate a comprehensive safety process. In construction, falls are the leading cause of fatalities. For that reason, OSHA has targeted construction firms for compliance with OSHA standards. We can help you with technical guidance and actual implementation of safety techniques to reduce risk.

Fab Shops

We have extensive knowledge of fabrication operations including the use of power presses, power tools, welding equipment and needs for PPE. We can provide a comprehensive, written program to address these exposures.


RiskWise has a simple, ready-to-go, heat and serve safety program for C-Stores. It contains 12 safety meetings on relevant topics with a matching poster for display to support the monthly safety message. In addition, we provide Location Manager Safety Education that explains the need for safety leadership. A sample can be provided for your review within three days.


We have worked with many manufacturers to identify loss sources that cause injury or business interruptions. We have the skills, expertise and products to assist you with the implementation of a cost effective risk reduction process.


We have a ready to go Restaurant Safety Program that includes 12 safety meetings to control known hazards with 12 matching posters to support the safety education process. Also, included is a Location Manager’s Guide to Safety Leadership. We can have a sample to you for review in 3 days.

Industrial Plant

We provide safety consulting and safety database management (ISNetworld, Avetta, PEC, BROWZ, etc.) for any contractor that provides services to industrial plants.

Steel Erectors

Due to the loss experience of the industry, steel erectors pay some of the highest rates in the industry in order to cover the cost of potential injuries. We can show you how to reduce risk with prevention and injury management techniques. We work with several steel erection outfits and understand the constraints of space, time, and often times having a lack of sufficient anchor points to tie off to.

Value Repair

Valve repair shops often have to work in plants and those plant operators often require significant safety programs and documented safety education. We can assist you in complying with plant/client requirement with safety programs and OS Networld if you are required to do so. 


Roofers pay some of the highest insurance rates due to the industry’s accident/loss experience. Falls from roofs can cause severe injuries that are costly and drive up rates for the whole industry. Learn how to implement a system to prevent falls and protect workers from injury thereby lowering long run costs and maintaining productivity.


We have a complete driver loss prevention process that includes a Fleet Safety Manual, driver shadowing, 800 # “How is my driving?” sticker and MVA kits.

School Boards

We work with school boards to help eliminate risk throughout their districts. From the buses to the cafeteria, we provide the training and risk reduction techniques to keep students, teachers and staff focused on their most important task, education.