safety consulting

Safety Consulting

RiskWise Safety Consulting, LLC provides a comprehensive and methodical approach to risk control by working closely with employers to identify risk factors and implement safety processes and strategies to reduce risk to an acceptable level. That will reduce accidents, and therefore long run insurance cost from all lines of coverage.

RiskWise can provide the technical guidance and appropriate policies and procedures to assist employers with risk reduction strategies in the workplace. We have, and will, continue to create the proper products to implement risk control techniques. We can assist you with OSHA, DOT, and most state and federal law compliance with regards to workplace safety.

  • Safety Programs- custom to client operations and hazards
  • OSHA Standards- summarized for ease of communication
  • Screening and Hiring Process- (suggested)
  • Drug Free Workplace- DOT and non DOT
  • Defensive Driver Safety Education
  • OSHA Instruction (on-site and online)
  • DOT Compliance Manual
  • DOT-specific Safety Posters
  • Supervisor Management And Risk Training (SMART)
  • First Aid/CPR Instructors
  • Claims Intervention- methodical and structured process to intervene in open claims to move to closure
  • Experience Modification Factor verification and projection
  • OSHA representation
  • Motorist Observation – Call In, 800 Number, “How is my driving?”, 24/7/365
  • Safety Management Database- Internet based
  • Claims Management System – Internet based
  • DOT Compliance system -Internet based
  • New Worker Orientation digital video capsules- Internet based
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Riskwise is dedicated to helping you reduce your risk.