Safety Articles

RiskWise has the following articles available to help our clients mitigate risk and implement safety processes.

OSHA Articles


  • Understanding OSHA
  • The General Duty Clause of OSHA
  • Multi- Employer Worksites: OSHA citations
  • The OSHA 300 Log – An Overview
  • Top OSHA Citations
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • The Ripple Effect of Safety
  • The Hierarchy of Safety Controls
  • Stages of Safety Management
  • Indirect Cost of Injuries
  • Just A Normal Day (16 workplace fatalities a day)
  • The Performance of Persistence
  • Accident Investigations
  • Material Safety Data Sheets – the backbone of HazCom.

Risk Management Articles


  • The ARRT of Risk Management
  • The Three Types of Hazards
  • Underwriting Your Account
  • Does Paying Small Claims Improve the Mod?
  • Experience Modification Factors
  • Insurance Basics
  • Types of Risk Transfer Products
  • Theories of Accident Causation
  • Cost/Benefit of Loss Control
  • Retrospective Rating Programs: An Overview
  • Auto Tort Reform- A Time for Change
  • Premium Audits- What you should know
  • Toxic Mold: Identification and Controls
  • The Standardization of Loss Runs
  • USL&H Benefits- An Overview
  • Claims Handling: Best Practice For Late Reported/Problem Cases

Labor Law Articles


  • Screening and Hiring: An Employer’s’ First Line of Defense
  • The ADA and Workplace Safety

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We met with Terry, Senior Safety Consultant, with Texas Mutual (workers’ compensation carrier) to perform a site safety survey. He was very impressed, particularly with the lighting, cleanliness, and housekeeping of the entire facility. He noted no exposures or issues from a safety aspect and will likely find no need to recommend any enhancements or modifications to the facility.

Thanks to you and your staff for establishing a foundation of safety here.


James Mitchell
CFO, Industrial Fabrics, Inc.

Thanks for the assist and thanks for your teams great work this year. If we can stay focused this type of activity will be unnecessary!

David Bourdon
General Manager, Aerial Access Equipment

I want you to know that of all the outside vendors we use, I would rate your company the best.

Paul Metzler
Owner, Lemoine Marine Refrigeration
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