Pre-Qualification Database Management

What is a Pre-Qualification Database?

Online contractor management databases are designed to streamline the process of pre-qualification for contractors and plants. Examples of these databases are ISNetworld, Avetta, PEC Safety, X-Net (Houston Area), etc. These databases collect potential contractors’ health and safety documentation, safety statistics from years prior, along with other documentation. This information is uploaded to give potential employers like plants the option to select the best contractor for the job by comparing their qualifications to those that best meet their criteria.

We’re Here to Help

Although these databases are very beneficial to potential employers, the general consensus by contractors seems to be that the task of uploading documents, answering the required questionnaires, and keeping the contractor’s database in compliance as a whole is a very intricate and time consuming  process. That’s where we come in!

Here at RiskWise we have been assisting clients with the pre-qualification process for years so our safety staff has the expertise and knowledge to navigate through any system and get your company in compliance in no time. Some of the general services that we provide to get you in compliance are:

  • The population of all company information into new databases.
  • Complete overhaul of existing accounts to ensure compliance.
  • Assistance in the completion of questionnaires required by pre-qual databases.
  • Monthly Check-Ups and updates to get your company’s profile up to date.
  • The creation of a safety manual with programs 100% guaranteed approval.
  • Anything else that you can think of when it comes to getting you in compliance.

RiskWise offers Industrial Plant Qualification Database Management for the following industrial sector pre-qualification databases:

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Required by Hiring Clients

Unfortunately there’s no way around the databases, most, if not all hiring plants’ companies require a subscription to a Pre-Qualification Database

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