Hazard Checklist

Physical conditions account for 20% of accidents. Physical conditions are also called physical hazards and can be identified by using a methodical checklist to search the worksite for hazards that may contribute to injury/loss.

A hazard inspection checklist is a document used prior to activating work or a task assist with hazard identification. The hazard inspection checklist contains the known and predictable hazards but cannot replace the onscreen knowledge and analytical review of the competent person to identify all predictable workplace hazards. Hazard Inspection checklist may also be in the form of a Job Safety Analysis. Here again, it is a document that seeks to identify hazards and if identified, so that correction can be made, to reduce the risk of accident and injury. Physical hazards – which are mechanical in nature account for 20% of hazards/ losses. The identification of physical hazards’ with hazard checklist represents an easy and simple first line approach to risk reduction.

RiskWise is dedicated to helping you reduce your risk.

We met with Terry, Senior Safety Consultant, with Texas Mutual (workers’ compensation carrier) to perform a site safety survey. He was very impressed, particularly with the lighting, cleanliness, and housekeeping of the entire facility. He noted no exposures or issues from a safety aspect and will likely find no need to recommend any enhancements or modifications to the facility.

Thanks to you and your staff for establishing a foundation of safety here.


James Mitchell
CFO, Industrial Fabrics, Inc.

Thanks for the assist and thanks for your teams great work this year. If we can stay focused this type of activity will be unnecessary!

David Bourdon
General Manager, Aerial Access Equipment

I want you to know that of all the outside vendors we use, I would rate your company the best.

Paul Metzler
Owner, Lemoine Marine Refrigeration
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