Hazard Checklist

Physical conditions account for 20% of accidents. Physical conditions are also called physical hazards and can be identified by using a methodical checklist to search the worksite for hazards that may contribute to injury/loss.

A hazard inspection checklist is a document used prior to activating work or a task assist with hazard identification. The hazard inspection checklist contains the known and predictable hazards but cannot replace the onscreen knowledge and analytical review of the competent person to identify all predictable workplace hazards. Hazard Inspection checklist may also be in the form of a Job Safety Analysis. Here again, it is a document that seeks to identify hazards and if identified, so that correction can be made, to reduce the risk of accident and injury. Physical hazards – which are mechanical in nature account for 20% of hazards/ losses. The identification of physical hazards’ with hazard checklist represents an easy and simple first line approach to risk reduction.

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Thanks – you guys are awesome.

Dana Reed
Assistant H. R. Director, City of Lake Charles

Thanks for the work towards our Safety Management System progress. We closed out 2018 with 1.38 incident rate and set the bar high yet still in reach for 2019. That’s the best employee incident rate in the company’s history and the team has worked diligently driving it. Thanks for you and your staff’s ongoing support as we will continually need it as we proactively drive forward into this year.

Mark Lucas
HSE Manager, Hayes Manufacturing

I just want to thank you for your guidance though this, your help has been greatly appreciated.

Al Naquin
, Maintenance Protection Systems