Lights and Ladders: Holiday Safety Tips

‘Tis the season to put up the holiday lights and decorations, so here’s a quick reminder about ladder safety.

  • Use a ladder that is of a grade suitable for the task and your weight.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings. Before using a ladder, check the following:
  • Danger label on side of ladder warning of falling hazard
  • Right height for job with non-slip feet
  • No signs of warping, rust, corrosion, or missing parts
  • Placed on level, firm footing and securely locked and braced into place
  • Make sure there are no power lines or exposed electrical wiring near the ladder. Never use ladders during storms, or in rainy or windy weather.
  • For extension ladders, lean the ladder against a wall at a ratio of 4:1 to stop it from falling over. For example, if ladder is 16 feet tall, place foot of ladder 4 feet from wall.
  • When climbing a ladder:
    • Always wear enclosed slip-resistant shoes or boots
    • Have someone hold the ladder at the base
    • Climb the ladder, holding it with both hands and maintain three points of contact.
    • Never stand on the highest step on top of ladder. 
  • When working on a ladder:
    • Always grip the ladder with one hand
    • Work within arm’s reach of the ladder
    • If you can’t easily reach what you need to, climb down and safely reposition.
  • Do not use a ladder if you are affected by medication.
  • Avoid using a ladder if you are alone or cannot get help in the case of an accident.

Have a safe and happy holiday!