Accident Investigation

The purpose of an Accident Investigation is to obtain the needed
information so we can prevent this injury from occurring again. To do this
we must ask the key questions of: Who, When, Where, How and Why.
Then, focus and widdle down on the why. Go through the process
diligently gathering all the pertinent fact of date, time, circumstances,
environmental conditions, and other factors. Interview individuals that
witnessed the accident or had control over the injured individuals’
performance. Put yourself in their shoes.
When performing accident investigations it is important to gather all the
necessary information as to create a realistic picture of what caused the
injury and implement needed changes to prevent recurrence.
In this process we may have to place ourselves in the actual environment of
the accident scene. That is, the same time of day, the same weather
conditions, the same number of people, etc, to develop a deeper
understanding of the causal factors that led up the accident taking place.
All accidents must be investigated to identify the root cause of the injury.
The purpose of this Investigation is to gather relevant facts about the
Incident, document all statements and prevent future accidents by correcting
the unsafe conditions through education.