FMCSA Changes Clearinghouse Inquiry Requirements

Pre-employment Investigations for Drugs and Alcohol 

Motor carriers will no longer be required to reach out to previous employers for drug-and-alcohol-related information about prospective drivers. As of January 6, 2023, conducting a pre-employment Clearinghouse query will satisfy the requirement to investigate a prospective driver’s previous drug and alcohol program violations.

Official update from FMCSA

Clearinghouse Requirements:

Clearinghouse query results should be kept in the Driver’s Qualification File for review during an audit. If non-compliance surfaces during a safety audit, carriers face a $5,833 fine per offense.

Log in to the Clearinghouse and visit your Query History page to see if your annual queries are due.

Download the Clearinghouse Fact Sheet

Pre-employment Investigations for Driving Records

Please note the pre-employment Clearinghouse query is mandatory and reports a driver’s 3-year drug and alcohol record.

Carriers may wish to conduct an additional query using FMCSA’s Pre-employment Screening Program (PSP) to request a potential driver’s driving record, which includes the driver’s 5-year crash record and 3-year roadside inspection history. While the PSP query is optional, we recommended that carriers obtain these records and keep them in the Driver’s Qualification File.


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