Safety Merit Pay

No doubt, the organization has invested valuable resources to educate the workforce in
workplace safety. These efforts are directed at the goal of changing the safety culture of our

In spite of those efforts, hazards both physical and behavioral still exist in the worksite.
Worksite location supervisor accountability is the key to consistent safety performance!
They are hired and get paid more money to over see the crew and direct the work. They have
the knowledge and experience needed to get the job completed. They are in the best position on
a daily basis to implement the safety rules that are the policy of the company. I don’t think
throwing more money at the problem such as safety incentives, is the answer but rather,
holding supervisors accountable for the safety performance inherent in the work they are getting
paid oversee. It is suggested to phase in a safety merit pay system program where the location
supervisors have a chance to earn back a portion of the money that has been removed from
their pay, once it is verified that they are complying with stated safety rules.

The concept is as follows:

Assume a supervisor makes $50,000 a year.

Assume that we say 10% of that money is for safety program rule enforcement.
So, $5000 dollars a year is earned by the supervisor once it is validated that he consistently runs
a safe worksite. So, $5000 divided by 4 quarters would equal $1250 a quarter available to be
earned if the superintendent enforces the rules as validated by the implementation of the safety
process which is a part of his job that he is getting paid for.

The purpose of allowing this amount to come out of the annual pay is because safety is a duty
that is already theirs. Assume we develop a 10 point (or any number) worksite safety criteria
checklist and we record a 1 or a zero based on the safety item being done or not being done. We
perform one a quarter for each area.

Then we score the worksite visit. If the supervisor gets all 10 points they enjoy the safety merit
pay. If they score half the points they enjoy half the safety merit pay. Visits would be
unannounced when scored.

Please remember, the reduction of hazards leads to a reduction in risk which will lead to a
reduction in injuries. This program will put teeth into the safety program, demonstrate your
commitment to safety, ensure rule compliance, prevent injuries, improve your Mod and make
you look better to insurance companies and clients.