The Control of Hazardous Energy

OSHA’s standard establishes minimum performance requirements for controlling hazardous energy. The standard specifies that employers must establish an energy-control program to ensure that employees isolate machines from their energy sources and render them inoperative before any employee services or maintains them.

As part of an energy-control program, employers must:

  1. Establish energy-control procedures for removing the energy supply from machines and for putting appropriate lockout or tag-out devices on the energy-isolating devices to prevent unexpected re-energization. When appropriate, the procedure also must address stored or potentially re-accumulated energy;
  2. Train employees on the energy-control program, including the safe application, use, and removal of energy controls; and
  3. Inspect these procedures periodically (at least annually) to ensure that they are being followed and that they remain effective in preventing employee exposure to hazardous energy.

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