What is the reason for safety?

Like most endeavors that require a company’s time and investment the case has to
be made on a cost benefit analysis to undertake such an endeavor.
Safety is not different. The actions, efforts and time spent on safety activity must
yield fruit in t he form of economic benefit or an employer can just leave the risk
of loss to a reactive event and call on the insurance policies procured to handle
issues/claims/losses, if and when they manifest.

The resin for safety can be summed up into to 5 major categories’:

1) Humanitarianism
2) Regulatory compliance
3) Insurance cost reduction
4) Productivity
5) Client Driven demands

Top 10 reasons employers are motivated to implement a safety process:

A survey of employers indicates the top ten motivations for taking action to ensure
a safe workplace:

1) Cost of workers’ compensation insurance (59 percent);
2) “Right thing to do” (51 percent);
3) “Increases profitability” (33 percent);
4) Federal/State safety rules (31 percent);
5) “Too many accidents” (29 percent);
6) Employee morale (26 percent);
7) Productivity (23 percent);
8) OSHA fines (20 percent);
9) Employee concerns (5 percent); and
10) Recommendations of outside experts (13 percent).